Magazine Media Is Trusted

The pendulum is swinging again, with trust of content becoming more important again to readers. Did you know, The Economist is getting ready to celebrate its 175th birthday this year? Now, this is a magazine that people trust.

At the recent Act 8 conference, Linda Thomas Brooks, President and CEO, MPA: The Association of Magazine Media, talked about credible media and how magazines are trusted.

Linda Thomas Brooks says, a lot of their strength has to do with: “Magazines are invited guests into a consumer’s homes. That makes them different than every other media channel out there. For advertisers, it’s important because they get to come along as the plus one.” She goes on to say “Magazine media is more trusted, inspiring and motivating than other media”.

She went on to provide examples of the rigorous and painstaking research and fact-checking that goes into magazine articles. The testing that goes into featured products is definitely much more than a personal experience that someone has an writes a blog about.

Check out her presentation on YouTube. So much information that’s pure gold!

For the article recap from The Act 8 Experience, click here.

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