Front End Focus Study Measures Profitability

Those of us within the Newsstand Industry have known for a long time how profitable magazines are to Retail Chains in general and especially at the checkout in relation to competitive products. The latest Front End Focus study reinforces this longstanding reality…

“The latest Front End Focus (FEF) study underscores the checkout’s crucial contribution to supermarkets – and, for the first time, measures not just sales, but profitability, for magazines and other leading front-end categories”. Click here to view some enlightening information and click here to view the entire report.

Magazine Categories Capture Trends

Magazine categories have always been interesting to me, because they speak to the current Zeitgeist. Some of these categories may contribute quite small dollar numbers in the grand scheme of magazine sales, but they do tell a story of what we are currently thinking, doing, and feeling. This categorization, be it surprising or confirming of what you think, is at minimum, interesting.

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