Magazine Media Better. Believe It. Campaign

Have you ever clicked on ‘click-bait’? Ever read fake news, without realizing it? (Although, how would you know, really?) Ever shared fake news and then got called out on it? Embarrassing, right?

It’s good to know that magazines have our backs. The MPA recently released a clever campaign: “Magazine Media Better. Believe It.” which strikes at the heart of fake news and information that may be sketchy… information that does not come from authoritative and trusted sources.

Perhaps we’ve forgotten how reliable the information in magazines is. Magazines have expertly researched content that is curated for their specific readers and they certainly understand their readers. People believe magazine media more than any other.

In light of changes at Facebook and how prevalent ad fraud is today, it’s important to note that magazines also provide a safe environment for advertisers.

Have a look at the campaign. 

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